10 Step Guide To A Successful Event

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Communications about the company picnic should include more than just a company-wide email or inclusion in a newsletter. Send out personal invitations to each employee and their family. Brand the picnic and display posters and communications around the workplace. Consider creating a special website or intranet site for the picnic.

How to Plan an Event - Project Management Training

This helps generate excitement about it and makes your employees feel special and valued. Trying new food options can liven up a traditional summer picnic. Popcorn and cotton candy machines, ice cream and snow cone stands, or the annual company baseball game — the classics and traditions of company picnics — should also be included. Using the tips in this guide, make your company summer picnic one that employees remember and look forward to all year. Determine who to invite. Choose a time. Remember to build in enough time, organising an event takes time, often longer than you think.

Find the ideal venue. Indoor or outdoor?

10 Step Guide to Planning a Successful Investor Day

Will there be adequate parking? Is electricity required? What if the weather is bad? Plan for all eventualities. Set yourself a target. You can reduce costs by asking people and businesses to donate their services.

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Once your target is set, tell everyone about it and keep them up to date with progress. Publicise your event. Think local press click here for our press release template and social networking or any other ways that you can spread the word. If you are selling tickets consider setting up a committee to help.

Some things to consider when picking a venue for your event are:. If you want your event to stand out, you need to choose a timely and compelling theme that sets you apart from your competition. This means that you need to come up with a dynamic overall theme and you need to take great care with the actual name since it can be a key attention-getter, especially in online media.

In addition to creating an event name, tagline, and logo, create a hashtag for all your marketing materials and for attendees to use when talking about your event on social media. The shorter the better, but it should also be unique. During the event, designate someone to monitor live posts using the hashtag: "like" the Facebook posts, "retweet" the tweets, and so on, to amplify the buzz while the event is happening.

Following the event, you can search each individual social media platform for posts containing your hashtag for an excellent post-event report. Promotion is essential to the success of starting an event venue. Visuals are an influential piece of the puzzle for reaching potential clients. Hire a photographer to take quality photos of your event venue space staged for an event.

How to organise a conference in 10 steps (with templates)

Add your venue to Peerspace to connect with event planners. Then create presentations of your event venue business with photos, details of your services and amenities as well as rates that you can share with clients and professional event organizers. If you can, provide both print and digital versions of your presentation to increase accessibility to your event venue among event planners with their clients. You can also take to social media and build a fan base by sharing inspiring photos of potential events your venue can host.

Not only does offering your venue give back to the community, it foster relationships with community leaders and introduces their guests to your business. Explore this Soho Smarthome Loft.

10 Killer Tips on How To Make Your Event Successful

Another crucial step to running an event venue is gathering feedback and reviews. Whether you follow up events with a personal call or a survey email, give your clients a chance to open up about their experience. Encourage your clients to share positive feedback on social media and online review sites to draw future clients to your event venue. Opening an event venue business is no small feat. Learn More. Search Resources Search for:. Scope the scene Before you open an event venue business, decide what products and services your venue will offer its clients.

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Follow the law When starting an event venue business, you want to make sure your venue is legally compliant. Educate your crew Based on the event, the services a venue performs can vary. Know your audience Promotion is essential to the success of starting an event venue. Prepare yourself for success by using Peerspace to establish your event venue business.

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Just like these Peerspace hosts, you too can earn additional income from your event venue. Follow Peerspace.