De la psychanalyse à lhaptonomie (Santé, société, culture) (French Edition)

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Read La Notation Musicale Online. Read La Patience. Read La Reflexologie Online. Read La Relaxation Psycho-syntonique Online. Read La Voie Nomade Online. One of them is the hard meaning. You cannot recognize what you have never known in the first place. Hard meaning also implies respecting Alterity, irrespective of the forms it takes social, religious, ethnic, sexual, etc. The former, enjoying a position of power, endures, bears and practises compromise of what is inconvenient.

The other one is compelled to assume a condition of minority, with all the social inconveniences that the condition implies. In other words, I think that the radical forms of soft tolerance may turn into intolerance, and, if limits are not set, into fundamentalism. The topic is approached with a focus on the fundamentalism of the major religions as it is tackled by relevant literature.

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According to Baptist fundamentalism, the Bible self-sufficiently contains everything. Past, present and future are equally present in the revealed text. Therefore, any adaptation, alteration or change of the Christian ritual and text in tune with the postmodern relativist and desacralized present are refused and stigmatized accordingly. The other study is signed by Samuel C. Marty, R. The first model is that of fundamentalism as anti-secularism.

It focuses on the ample social reaction — including the Western marginal social categories — against the values of the Enlightenment and of contemporary Western democracy. The Western society of the present, which is essentially hyper technological and faces all sorts of crises, has failed to give an answer to the capital questions of concern to any human being who is metaphysically, religiously and morally inclined: What is the meaning of life?

What is the mystery of death? Why is there evil in a world which is the creation of a good God? The second model is that of the fundamentalism defined as anti- elitism. What triggers this reaction is the frustrated, often elementary condition of the poor social categories in all the Western countries. The reaction implies, among other things, a process of re-conversion within the new Christian and Oriental religious movements NRM , which are based on the Scriptural and sacred founding principles.

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Perhaps the most spectacular example is that of American televangelism. Hundreds of thousands of people let themselves become fascinated by the charisma of some religious leaders, who are excellent speakers and manipulators of anti-elitist and popular speeches about the Church and the metaphysical and symbolic data of Christianity. There is also a group solidarity of those who defend what they understand as tradition against what is subtle, lofty, refined and elitist in Christian metaphysics.

Fundamentalism as antiimperialism is the third model analyzed by Majid Tehranian. The social reaction, labeled as fundamentalist, is a reference to a rediscovery of origins, cultural, religious and spiritual roots of a denomination, group, ethnic category or of a whole people.

This can be, for example, a return to folklore, to the values of folklore and the deep spiritual repository of each nation. Marty and R. Scott Appleby eds. Reclaiming the Sciences, the Family, and Education, vol. Their deep appreciation of this heritage can be interpreted as an ostentatious reaction against the Christian faith, which is understood as an imperialist religion.

Likewise, African-Americans rediscover their own authentic and old spirituality.

Another example which can illustrate fundamentalism as a form of anti-imperialism is that of the funds allocated by the Maltese government to support scientific research of folklore and old authentic values. Fundamentalism as anticommunism is another form of fundamentalism that Tehranian sees as an adverse reaction against a totalitarian political regime.

An example of this kind is the reaction of American Protestantism against the trappings of a demoniac regime which spread terror and horror everywhere in the world. The next category is that of fundamentalism as an antimodernist attitude. As a matter of fact, this is the reaction of some protesting political and religious groups, sometimes violent.

Their reaction is meant to be an alternative to the western-style liberal secular state. An example of that is the violent reaction of part of the Islamic world against the West. Its epitome is the Al Qaeda organization and the Hezbolach party in Lebanon. Fundamentalism as antifeminism is the last but one category of those analysed by Majid Tehranian. Last but not least, fundamentalism as antidecadence is a social form of reaction against the degradation of modern spiritual life and religious traditions in the West.

What this type of fundamentalism suggests are alternatives of spiritual practice and updating religious traditions in new original forms, which should nonetheless preserve the revealed original religious message. It is significant that Scripturalist fundamentalism typifies this attitude.

Le grand entretien hommage à Françoise Dolto

It references only the revealed text of the Holy Scripture and the vivid strong manifestation of divine love. The fractal interpretation of religious fundamentalism Our thesis is a particular approach to fundamentalism which is the binary-fractal one. The set of rules would comprise affirmations, axioms and ultimate elementary un- decomposable sentences. Theoretically, these interpretations are infinite.