In My Wildest Fantasies: Pembroke Palace Series, Book One

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All I had to do was visit his bedchamber and seduce him. I had expected him to be a skillful, scandalously wonderful lover, but once in his arms I was overcome by something more than mere passion. I had fallen hopelessly, desperately in love. My plan has gone shockingly awry. But I will not give up a man who makes me feel such wicked ecstasy. No matter his true identity, no matter the secrets he struggles to remember, I will do anything in this world to make this stranger love me.

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She was just a girl when the future duke saved her from certain tragedy. But his search for a suitable bride will end with a swift seduction that makes her every inch a woman. Lily Langdon has finally grown up. Now that her brother the duke's completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended, Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here.

In fact, he is staying But this promising party's tone is quickly changed by a horrible twist of fate that threatens Edward's very life.

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage Audiobook Highland Pleasures Series Book 2

Nothing but luck can save Edward, but Lily's heart is lost for good when she sees what a strong and devoted man he can be in times of trouble. Lily has set her cap on a man who should be unlovable and fallen more in love than she ever thought possible. Their passion brings great risk, but when a man and a woman prove to be so much more together than they were apart, is there anything that their love cannot overcome?

My dear sister Clara,London society is so much more complicated than I could ever have known! Every night is a different ball or assembly, and a different swirl of glittering jewels and rustling gowns. Though I fear I am making social blunders left and right I am having some meas Mother is beside herself with glee at the attentions I have been receiving from a few gentlemen she finds supremely suitable as husband material.

But my dearest sister, it is so hard for me to even look at any gentleman but a certain duke, who, if I may confess, makes my heart beat so that I fear it can be seen across a ballroom. He is James Langdon, the Duke of Wentworth, and though I may sound dramatic, he makes me feel as no man ever has before. But I must push these feelings away. I sometimes hear whispers about his dark past, and he is quietly called the Dangerous Duke. Oh Clara!

In My Wildest Fantasies: Pembroke Palace Series, Book One (Avon Romantic Treasure)

I am secretly overjoyed that he may love me, and at the same time terrified of his attentions. I have waited so long for my true love, and now I must resist him to protect my heart. If only I knew how to proceed Your devoted sister, Sophia Read more. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. South Pacific. Title Author. Refine By. Publication Date December pre-release.

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Books by Julianne MacLean

In My Wildest Fantasies is a British, historical romance with elements of suspense. The first book in the Pembroke Palace six-book series, it sets the background for the Sinclair family story. While there is a teaser at the end, which describes the main conflict for the second book, it could nonetheless be listened to as a stand-alone book, as the love life of the primary hero and heroine is resolved. When I first read the description of this book, I was expecting the cliche romance where the hero and heroine experience love at first sight after the hero rescues the heroine.

To my delight, In My Wildest Fantasies contained much more, including intrigue, passion, scandal, and even unexpected plot twists.

Rebecca, being an innocent, sheltered girl of seventeen, instantly romanticizes Devon as her hero after this spark filled rescue. Devon, however, while also feeling this attraction, chooses to ignore Rebecca when he discovers that she is still underage. Four years later, Rebecca is faced with a terrible mandate.

Guarding a Notorious Lady

Her father insists that she marry her neighbor, Maximilian Rushton, an arrogant, cruel man who has already behaved dishonorably towards her through no invitation of her own. Given the fact that he is also a man of a lower rank than Rebecca, she is convinced that Mr.

Rushton must have some sinister leverage over her father. With the aid of her Aunt, Rebecca runs away in search of her hero. As one can surmise from the title, Rebecca has passionately fantasized about Devon since their first meeting.

In My Wildest Fantasies (Pembroke Palace, book 1) by Julianne MacLean

Now she is determined to make her dreams come true and convince Devon to marry and love her. As fate would have it, Devon has just returned home from a three-year trip abroad to America, and his father is insisting that he marry before the end of the year or lose his inheritance. Convincing Devon to marry her, however, will not be as easy as it would at first appear. Rushton are only a couple of the many obstacles.

Julianne MacLean

Perhaps Ms. Landor is a prolific narrator with well over a hundred audiobooks under her belt, many of which are romances. As should be expected from such an experienced performer, she delivers a solid reading of In My Wildest Fantasies. Her pacing of the story, accents, and acting of emotions are beyond reproach.

While leaving no doubt as to which are male, and clearly differentiating between the younger and older men, I found it a little harder to differentiate amongst the younger ones primarily when Devon and his brothers were speaking. One potential narration issue that I did note, however, relates to the quality of the production.